Monday, September 19, 2011

we can do it! we can do it!

i'm pretending to be the mice from cinderella and am embarking on a sewing adventure!

my princess of a daughter emily jane is turning five next month and her mimi and grandaddy are surprising her with this...

(an american girl doll - elizabeth - for those of you unfamiliar with these)

and i thought "what more fun could there be to have a matching dress for emily jane?!"  so here's my adventure...

trip to JoAnn's to get the material (poor marie had to suffer through the whole hour long process of finding the EXACT right stuff)

cutting the pattern...
cutting the material...
re-pinning ...
here's the bodice so far. :)

i'll update as i get it done.  and no spoiling the surprise! not a peep to my princess!



our eben is full of imagination and laughter. he loves to pretend, play games, and make everyone laugh. he is so much like his daddy - with just a bit of his mommy!


our little marie is little miss independant! she loves snuggling up with mommy, playing dressup, and being mommy to her babydolls. she is the color in my rainbow!

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